Why to choose EFT?

EFT was set up to provide final finish services to Printed Circuit Board manufacturers throughout the United States. We are located in Santa Ana California near John Wayne Airport. We have been in operation at this facility for over 17 years. We continue to build our reputation and have become the leading source for quality final finishing services.

EFT was the first service to offer Nickel-Palladium-Gold as a final finish. Now in our 10th year, the Ni-Pd-Au finish has proved itself and is gaining popularity in both military and commercial markets.

Our Services

With over 30 years of experience in PCB Plating, we set the standard in quality. Our professional staff works with state of the art equipment and provides a service, that is on time and done to your specification.

Plating Services

EFT offers a variety of plating services to meet the needs of its customers. Click Here to learn more about our Plating Finishes for PCB's and Click Here for more information on Parts Plating.

Pre-Plating Specs

EFT provides its customers pre-plating instructions so that all jobs meet in-house plating specifications.

Quality Management

All services are managed by EFT's in-house Shop Traveler System, ensuring consistent work to our customers specifications.


Certified by prominent quality management groups, EFT offers its customers high quality, precision services verified by third-party accreditation groups.

Industries Served

EFT provides reliable plating services to military, aerospace, medical, & commercial markets.