The Company

EFT was set up to provide final finish services to Printed Circuit Board manufactures throughout the United States. We are located in Santa Ana California near John Wayne Airport and have been in operation at this facility for over 17 years. We continue to build our reputation and have become the leading source for quality final finishing services.

EFT was the first service to offer Nickel-Palladium-Gold as a final finish.
Now in our 10th year, the Ni-Pd-Au finish has proved itself and is gaining popularity in both military and commercial markets.

Industries Served

  • Printed Circuit Board Final Finishes
  • Precision Laser Cut Parts
  • Parts Plating E-Nickel & GOLD

Quality/Mission Statement

The goal of EFT Fast Quality Service, Inc is to provide on-time service to our customers with quality exceeding our customer expectations. With this goal in mind, we have implemented the following:Provide our customers with the highest quality product by maintaining control over all processes.
Maintain records that are complete and easily accessible.
Have a well-defined quality policy that is understood by all EFT employees. This quality policy is under continuous review by EFT management and by our customers.
Maintain a working environment that promotes personal growth and satisfaction so workers can work to their potential.
Maintain a working environment that is good for the local and global environment.
Maintain a safe working environment.


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